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Tuning in to Nature's Conversation: A three-part Tu B'Shevat series

jan 25th, feb 8 and feb 22 6:30 pm
eastside jewish commons | 2420 NE Sandy blvd, Portland

Join us for this special three-part series exploring how Jewish sources about nature can guide is in our own attempts at communication and connection.  

With educator Rabbi Devin Villareal of Hadar.

Learning Lab is a series exploring profound Jewish wisdom in an accessible context. The series is based on the ancient learning modality of chevruta, or partnered learning.  Chevruta – from the Hebrew chaver (friend) – is a mix between dialogue and shared inquiry into a Jewish text.  

Discussions and all texts are in English. We begin with an introduction to the topic by Rabbi Josh or another teacher, shift into the partnered learning, and then conclude with a group discussion.

Throw some drinks and food into the mix, and you get an opportunity to connect with others, to learn something new, and to deepen your connection to Judaism while gaining perspective on relevant issues in our lives. 

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