Jewish Food & Jewish Values in

the New Pacific Northwest
May 21st 2023

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Jewish food is much more than a bagel and lox or the occasional brisket.  It’s a conversation about culture, values, history and our Jewish future.  It’s also a conversation about where we’re from – and there are Jews and Jewish food traditions from all over the globe. The Jewish community in the Pacific Northwest has its own distinct cuisine and food ways, too.  

At this special gathering we’ll come together to discover, connect, learn about, discover and literally taste the delicious food.  Among others, we’ll hear from Portland Jewish food heroes such as Lisa Schroeder of Mother’s Bistro and Bar, Jessie Aron of legendary Portland restaurant Malka, Noah Jacob of Jacob and Sons, Rachel and Aron, the brains behind Sweet Lorraine’s, journalist Deena Prichep (NPR, and elsewhere), chef and author Sonya Sanford, a host of rabbi/teachers, food activists, and more.

Our gathering will be at the Eastside Jewish Commons in Portland (2420 NE Sandy Blvd).

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