Co/Lab is a new initiative for Portland’s Jewish community: Live and interactive public events, wide-ranging cultural presentations and performances, and rich educational opportunities.  

But here’s the thing: While Co/Lab is a place to explore Judaism, it’s not a synagogue or religious organization. Whatever your background or wherever you’re going: If you’re interested in  exploring what Judaism has to say about our lives and our world, connecting with others and discovering something new, Co/Lab is for you.

Our Programs

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Application deadline for Art/Lab’s second year is midnight on September 5th!  This 9-month creative laboratory for Portland area contemporary Jewish artists explores Jewish and contemporary themes and presents artists’ work at dynamic, public facing events. Applications are now open for our 2022-23 cohort. Use the link below to learn more and apply. 


Learning/Lab is a range of one-time and ongoing classes with that distinctively Co/Lab mix of creativity, insight and fun, moving beyond the page to Jewish cooking, baking, art, music. 

Don’t miss our new class on November 12th!

poetry: psalms in search of  home

November 12th! Mark your calendars for a very special evening. Poet Dan Alter’s debut collection “My Little Book of Exiles” sets the stage for a discussion about Jewish creativity and meaning with Alicia Jo Rabins and Daniela Molnar. RabbiJosh Rose will facilitate the dialogue.

An Oral History of the Jewish Future

An Oral History of the Jewish Future is done in partnership with the Oregon Jewish Museum and Center for Holocaust Education. The project will highlight the work of Portland change-leaders and regular folks who are redefining what “Jewish” looks like in the 21st century.

Judaism and the Psychedelic Renaissance: A Portland Gathering

This day-long gathering explored the resonance between psychedelic and religious experience, ancestral trauma and psychedelic therapy, Judaism’s psychedelic roots, and Oregon’s central role in the psychedelic revival. We brought  together some of today’s most prominent local and national voices on the intersection of psychedelic and Jewish thought.  Click below to see videos of the main presentations.


Thank you to Anna Wilcox for her work on capturing the day with this and the other videos)

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There are three ways to get involved in Co/Lab.

  1. Attend events that interest you! It’s that simple. Sign up to hop on our email list, and follow us on Facebook and Twitter.
  2. Share an idea! All of our  programs come from people in the Portland community like you who sit and brainstorm with Rabbi Josh. Have an idea for an event? Curious about a Jewish take on an important topic? Email or fill out our contact form whether you have the next great Co/Lab concept, or just want to sit down over coffee to schmooze. 
  3. Collaborate with others building these great events. At least 1/2 the fun is connecting with other people like you, adding your voice to the mix, and helping us create. Email or fill out our contact form to get involved.

For you.  Your mother was Jewish. Your dad was.  Or your friend’s parents growing up were Jewish.  Your partner is Jewish or even … some of your best friends are Jewish.  Or, you’re just you and you’re interested in what’s happening at Co/Lab.  You get the idea: if you want to connect to Co/Lab we want you to hang out with us. 

Co/Lab is not a synagogue or a spiritual community – but we love those spaces! In fact, our founder, Rabbi Josh Rose, was a congregational rabbi for 14 years.  We plan to invite Portland’s many wonderful rabbis to participate in our programs, and we welcome those for whom synagogue life is central and those for whom it is not.

Who is Co/Lab for?

Where is Co/Lab?

Our programs will be at locations around Portland and we will be proud to host events at the fabulous new site of the East Side Jewish Commons.  

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Newish and Jewish in Portland

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