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A Gathering on Psychedelics & Jewish Consciousness 

Judaism & the Psychedelic Renaissance

Summer gathering

Judaism & the Psychedelic Renaissance 2023

June 25 2023| 10 am - 5 pm, eastside jewish commons

Portland’s only gathering exploring the intersection of psychedelics and Jewish consciousness and culture. 

Can psychedelics make Judaism more meaningful? Can Jewish wisdom and practices deepen psychedelic experience? This day-long gathering explores the confluence between psychedelic and religious experience, ancestral trauma and psychedelic therapy, Judaism’s psychedelic roots, and Oregon’s central role in the psychedelic revival. Featuring some of today’s most prominent voices on the intersection of psychedelics and Jewish thought, this will also be a place for community-building with like-minded folks. For anyone who is Jewish, Jewish-adjacent, or simply interested in exploring the relationship between psychedelics, spirituality, and personal and social transformation.  

Click here to learn more about this year and last year’s gatherings.

a laboratory for contemporary jewish artists



Art/Lab is a 9-month creative laboratory for Portland area contemporary Jewish artists working in a variety of media. The laboratory enables a cohort of artists to explore the intersection of Judaism, creative expression and contemporary culture in order to inspire new works.  Through text study, dialogue, and art practice we want to redefine what Jewish art and culture can be. Read more about Art/Lab  here.

the purim party that makes a difference

Completely Outrighteous Purim

purim fun

Completely Outrighteous Purim

march 11, 7 pm | location upon registration

Read about our kick-out-the-jams 2023 gathering here.

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