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purim fun

Completely Outrighteous Purim

march 30, 7 pm | location upon registration

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Read about our kick-out-the-jams 2023 gathering here.

New class

How to Disagree Completely: Jewish Community in a Time of Division

April 4 & 18, 7 pm | Eastside jewish commons

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Learning/Lab Presents

Tuning in to Nature's Conversation: A three-part series


Tuning in to Nature's Conversation: A three-part Tu B'Shevat series

jan 25th, feb 8 and feb 22 6:30 pm
eastside jewish commons | 2420 NE Sandy blvd, Portland

Join us for this special three-part series exploring how Jewish sources about nature can guide is in our own attempts at communication and connection.  

With educator Rabbi Devin Villareal of Hadar.

A Gathering on Psychedelics & Jewish Consciousness 

Judaism & the Psychedelic Renaissance

Summer gathering

Judaism & the Psychedelic Renaissance 2024

Stay tuned for information about this year’s gathering.

Click here to learn more about this year and last year’s gatherings.

a laboratory for contemporary jewish artists



Art/Lab is a 9-month creative laboratory for Portland area contemporary Jewish artists working in a variety of media. The laboratory enables a cohort of artists to explore the intersection of Judaism, creative expression and contemporary culture in order to inspire new works.  Through text study, dialogue, and art practice we want to redefine what Jewish art and culture can be. Read more about Art/Lab  here.

past events

Building a Shared Future for Jewish and Palestinian Citizens


The Fight for Equality in Israel: Building a Shared Future for Jewish and Palestinian Citizens [THIS EVENT HAS HAPPENED]

Wednesday, Feb 21, 7 pm
eastside jewish commons | 2420 NE Sandy blvd, Portland

An intimate in-person conversation about the state of Jewish-Arab relations within Israel during this time of crisis with Jimmy Taber of the Israel-based Abraham Initiatives.

Building a truly shared society remains more crucial than ever, as the threat of intercommunal violence in mixed communities looms large, Bedouin communities lack adequate protection from rocket fire, and universities, workplaces, and other shared spaces navigate the challenges of bringing people back together. The Abraham Initiatives is working hard on all of these issues and more.

I hope you will join us to discuss what needs to be done to protect past gains, prevent future violence, and envision a different future – one that is fully equal and shared. Please bring any questions you may have about the on-the-ground reality of shared living in Israel.

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