A Night to Remember

A passover Seder With Houseless portlanders
April 7, 6-8 pm

We need your help to plan A Night To Remember: A Passover Seder with Houseless Portlanders. The Haggadah contains our people’s story of affliction and homeless wandering. This April we’ll draw on the lessons of that history to inspire an evening of reflection, conversation and a delicious meal with those experiencing houselessness right now. And we’ll talk about how Portland’s Jewish community can help address the crisis our City faces.

Would you like to be part of A Night to Remember? On April 7th, Co/Lab is hosting a program, along with Cascadia Clusters and Beacon Village, to bring members of the Jewish Community together with houseless individuals for a Passover style meal (catered by Stone Soup). At the meal we will reflect on the themes of Jewish “homelessness” and economic vulnerability that are part of the Passover story, and talk about what individuals, the Jewish Community, churches and others can do to make a difference in this moment of crisis in Portland.

Contact rabbijosh@colabpdx.org if you’d like to participate or help

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