Seeing Voices: A Gathering on Psychedelics and Jewish Consciousness (Spring 2022)

In Michael Pollan’s 2018 book about psychedelics, How to Change Your Mind, a researcher tells the author “You go deep enough or far out enough in consciousness and you will bump into the sacred.”  To many readers this wasn’t news at all.  For years academics, spiritual seekers, experimenters, and even some clergy have explored this territory.  

In the Jewish world nationally folks like Rabbi Zac Kamenetz and Madison Margolin  are guiding a new conversation on the topic.  And this past May the  Jewish Psychedelic Summit brought together seekers, rabbis, teachers and others for a “global conversation exploring psychedelics, Judaism, ritual, healing and spirituality.”

We’re bringing this  important conversation to Portland Jewish community. 

The Gathering

Co/Lab’s Seeing Voices: A Gathering on Psychedelics and Jewish Consciousness brings this topic to Portland in Spring 2022.  This two day event will put a particularly Portland and particularly Co/Lab spin on the topic. We’ll mix together exploration, community, not a little bit of fun, and – most important – a deeper understanding of what psychedelics might mean for those interested in deepening their Jewish engagement.

What's Jewish about

As Oregon prepares for the implementation of legalized psilocybin assisted therapy we’ll address Jewish intergenerational trauma and the potential of psychedelic therapy to address it (a topic explored by Co/Lab partner Seth Lorinczi in his own work). How do such ideas shape our understanding of our relationship to other historically marginalized and oppressed communities?  

There are other social implications. The War on Drugs was devastating to communities of color.  In the wake of Oregon’s decriminalization of small quantities of drugs Co/Lab will examine the impact of the ‘psychedelic renaissance’ on BIPOC communities. How do Jewish values of social justice inform our thinking – and our actions – about this sea change in social policy? 

We’re still shaping up the conversation. Want to make sure we get it right? That we address a topic you’d like to hear about?  Have a name of someone we should include?  Jump into the planning for our Spring 2022 event by emailing

Here’s another way to dive in: connect with others interested in the topic. We’re creating a  community of the interested,  experienced and the curious!  Join others for fun, connection and exploration at small gatherings on Shabbat and other occasions. Reach out to get connected by emailing

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